My name is Nuno Costa. I'm a 24 years old product designer born in Portugal, currently living in Brussels (Belgium). I started working on my own line of products in early 2007, restoring dumped furniture and recicling all sorts of domestic waste.

Plastiche was my first serious design project - a handmade jewelry and accessories collection exclusively made out of plastic bottles. I called it 'plastiche' because I sculp the plastic with fire and shape it into something that resembles a 'pastiche'.

I love material in all its forms, even the poorest ones, and I try to enhance it by creating objects that lie between art and design.


"Trees are like people - its not like you can just walk up to them and expect to get along" - Josh Leopold

My work is largely inspired by nature and I think that is what draws me to work with natural materials. I like working with found pieces of wood, not only because it is a recycled material, but I also love the idea of taking something that would otherwise be overlooked and turn it into something beautiful and desirable.

All products are handmade by studio UNUNODESIGN.



100 gr design shop
Winkelhaak Design Center
Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26
2060 ANTWERPEN (Belgium)

Rua da Alegria 95-97
3000-018 COIMBRA (Portugal)

Idees Disseny
Carretera de Roda
Pol. Industrial de Vic
08500 VIC (Barcelona)

Rue de l'Athénée 7
1050 BRUXELLES (Belgium)

Koning Leopold I straat 50
3000 LEUVEN (Belgium)

Original Lisboa

Rua de Belém 80
1300-083 LISBOA (Portugal)

RAS Gallery
Doctor Dou 10
8001 BARCELONA (Spain)

The Sol Ar
Avenue Brugmann 52/54
1190 - BRUXELLES (Belgium)

You can also buy directly from me. Please contact me: iam[at]ununodesign[dot]com or follow this link to my online shop.






Designboom mart Stockholm 2011

D'art Brussels 2011
BRUSSELS (Belgium)

Winkelhaak Design Center

Idees Disseny


Green Diary
Delicate and stylish Eco- lamp - Parce Que, 2011











I'm really looking forward to sell my work in small spots and/or specialized design and clothing shops across Europe. Contact me at iam[at]ununodesign.com if you want to sell or distribute any of my products. Thanks!


If you want to feature my work, please send me a mail to iam[at]ununodesign.com to let me know what kind of project you are working on.

You are always welcome to give me a call if you have any questions.

Also, I would like a copy of the magazine or book in question for my archives.

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